• If there is a space between the bottom of the shoes and the insole
When you try on the shoes with your body weight, the insole will adhere to the bottom of the shoes smoothly because there is a glue at the bottom of the insole.
Please you need to be aware of that is not the defective shoes.

• If you feel uncomfortable as having a wide foot
If you have a wide foot and are feel hard to try on our SAPPUN shoes, Please use the shoe Shoe tree (Shoes Shoe tree) which is selling in the SAPPUN website. Please use a dryer at a distance of 50cm for to 20 mins after putting the show stretcher.
(Notice-lf you use the dryer too much, the material could be changed)

• If you feel painful and hurt at your heel
There are several types of the heel pad which is selling in our SAPPUN website.
You can use the pad which best fits your heel.
It will protect your heel even though you try on the shoes for a long time.
It is also available to use with the big shoes.

• If the new shoes smells bad
Please use an odor remover or a tea and coffee powder which absorb the odor in the shoes.
It can remove moisture and manage it sanitarily.