Materials care TIP


* Use a toothbrush or brush to dust and store it.

* When storing, store it in a shoe box to reduce the pollution caused by dust.

* If liquid contamination occurs, immediately absorb it with a dry tissue, remove it, and dry it in a well-ventilated shade. (Wetting for a long time can cause stains)

* If there is a stain, wipe it with a wet sponge or towel and dry it.

* If contamination is severe, soak it in lukewarm water, wipe it lightly with a shampoo and brush, and wash the soap thoroughly.
(Color may change when not removing soapy water)


* If exposed to sunlight for a long time, discoloration may occur, so store it in a shaded area to avoid direct sunlight.

* If you put a newspaper in your shoes after wearing it, it will be effective in removing moisture.

* You can remove dust easily by brushing with a toothbrush or a shoe brush.

* If there is any contamination, gently press the part of contamination with the eraser to remove it.

* As the suede becomes hard when it comes into contact with water, in case of snow or rain, It is recommended to dry it in a windy shade after removing moisture with dry towel.


* After wearing, use a soft cloth to lightly wipe off contaminated areas.

* Enamel may stretched slightly due to frequent use. It is recommended that you preserve the shape with shoe keeper after wearing.

* If contaminated, gently rub the cleaning agent on a dry cloth to clean the contaminated area.

* Enamel is sensitive to temperature and can damage leather when drying in direct sunlight. It's good to store it in a cool, windy place.

* If you store it with dark shoes, it can be a reason for stains, so please avoid storing it together.

Artificial leather

* When contamination occurs, wipe with a soft towel with water, and if contamination is severe, wipe lightly with a cleaner.

* Be careful not to get wet, and if wet, wipe the water immediately and add a dehumidifier to help dry your shoes.

* When washing, rinse the detergent in water within five minutes to prevent damage.

* Dry in the shade after washing.

Natural leather

* If it is contaminated with dust or dust, wipe it lightly with a soft brush and remove it with a soft cloth.

* Natural leather is vulnerable to heat and moisture, so put a dust bag or newspaper inside the shoe and store it in a well-ventilated shade.

* When the drink is spilled, wipe it immediately with a dry cloth, apply a dedicated cleaner to the sponge, and then slowly dry it in a cool shade or well-ventilated place.

* Natural leather protector can prevent stiffness or cracking.

*In summer and winter, the use of leather protectors can be nourished, increasing the life of leather and helping remove odors.