The difference between PONITA and REPEAT


The difference between



The Ponita is a glossy enamel material and is a good design to give a lovely feeling in the summer.
It was released in 2019 and has been steadily loved to sell more than 50,000 pairs.

"Repeat", the much-loved Ponita's second series, is made of artificial leather with a subtle gloss, giving it another attraction.
Compared to the Ponita,the Toe-Shape is about 1cm thinner, and the strap is also thinner, emphasizing the feminine mood.



The Ponita consists of a comfortable
2cm and an attractive 6cm heels that holds the legline.



The Repeat is made of
2cm for stable activities and 4cm heels for gorgeous style.




The inside of the strap, which is made of soft artificial leather,
helps the feet to be more comfortable,
and Cushion added overall to the insole.
In addition, a banding added inside the strap considering the difference in the shape of individual feet.

Various sizes from 215mm to 260mm,
From basic tone to bright pastel color
And also the perfect vivid color for the summer!
We prepared various choices for your sensual styling.
get it now on for your stylish summer.